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The Association “Porque Viven” (Because they are alive) was started to support developments in Paediatric Palliative Care. At the Association, we wish to create a culture which considers and develops Paediatric Palliative Care from the viewpoint of


The Association “Porque Viven” is developing a series of projects of interest to children and their families. (enlace ayuda en directo)


It is necessary to have a network of volunteers who help sick children and their families. To this end, we are looking for qualified volunteers, including nurses and physiotherapists. We are also seeking non -qualified volunteers to support and accompany

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Last Activities

  • 06/26/2017
    Colaboración de Lucía y Álvaro para la Fundación Porque Viven con motivo de su boda_
  • 06/14/2017
    Foro Premios Albert Jovell_
  • 04/26/2017
    Entrega de donativo de la Asociación Fit for Care_
  • 04/26/2017
    Carrera Multisolidaria "Porque Viven"_